Celebrated Song Returns to Mission Inn

"A Perfect Day" was written long ago at the landmark; now hear it twice nightly.

GRAND OLD HOTELS... have long been the source of creative inspiration. Some writers and musicians made permanent homes on the upper floors of their favorite inns, the better to experience the excitement of a building where the neighbors change each day. Some visionaries and artists have called upon a delightful destination for a week or more, the better to de-cobweb the ol' noggin and invite a few fresh ideas inside. And some people who wouldn't count themselves as creative types have found the bustle and beauty of a well-appointed building to be invigorating, and so photos are snapped of the lobby and a poem or two is jotted down on the hotel stationery.

CARRIE JACOBS-BOND, singer and penner of tenderly tempo'd songs, famously found much in this artistic realm at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside's castle-iest structure (and, let's be honest, one of the castle-liest structures in California and the entire country). She came up with the lyrics to "A Perfect Day" during a 1909 stay at the hotel, and if you remember the sweet song, you may recall it from 1940's "Remember the Night" (none other than Barbara Stanwyck plays it on the piano). Or perhaps you remember The Mission Inn's bell-sweet carillon playing it for many years, an ode to a song born within the hotel's walls long ago.

THE SONG IS BACK AT THE HOTEL, twice nightly, if you want to experience this heart-sweet Mission Inn tradition. Keep an ear out for it at 8 p.m. in the Presidential Lounge and an hour later at Duane's (at 54 Degrees). Will you have just experienced your own perfect day at your getaway? Hum along then and ponder how this vintage tune was written in the very place you're staying. Artistic inspiration and hotels, a truly timeless pairing.

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