Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving Around LA

Soleil Westwood is cooking a traditional meal for the Canadians who call LA home.

Canada and the United States have made pretty fine neighbors over the century, and we're constantly wowed by the gifts our friends to the north send our way: poutine, SCTV, and the charming comedic talents of one Martin Short, just to name three of a thousand.

Mr. Short reminds us that many actors and industry types from the Great White North do make their home in Los Angeles, sometimes just for pilot season, sometimes for always. That means there's a notable Canadian community here, a community that can rely on sites specifically built around the LA-Canada connection (like Canadians Abroad) to hangouts like Sheddy's Bar on Fairfax, a tavern that occasionally hangs out the maple leaf and invites the poutine truck to come 'round.

And Soleil Westwood joins the ranks of offering the comforts of home on Sunday, Oct. 7 and Monday, Oct. 8. Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada, and the restaurant will be cooking a traditional turkey dinner, complete with pumpkin pie. Tourtiere, a savory Canadian meat pie, is also on the menu.

Cost is $28 and change -- pay that in U.S. dollars, of course, not Loonies, though the one-dollar Canadian coins are some of the most handsome currency in the world -- and reservation three days ahead is required. You've got time, in other words, but don't delay.

By the by, Canadians Abroad also has a gathering on Sunday, Oct. 7 at The Castaway in Burbank.

And Redondo Beach Cafe will mark the holiday on Monday, Oct. 8. (Thanks, Canadians Abroad, for the tip.)

Hope you run into some friends from home you didn't even know had moved to LA, like you. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about, wherever you celebrate?

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