Celebrating Kwanzaa at California Plaza

It's a free concert, part of the Grand Performances series.

Kwanzaa traditionally starts the day after Christmas, but getting the message and music going earlier is always a good thing.

The truth is is that we, like many people, like a festive holiday feeling that begins well ahead of its start date. If you do as well, get to California Plaza for a free lunchtime concert courtesy of Marcus L. Miller and the Freedom Jazz Movement. The show's title is "What is Kwanzaa?," and the story of the season will be told in "music and voice" (look for a variety of styles, too, including blues, R&B, and pan-African rhythms).

What is at the heart of the holiday, and what the seven principles mean, are part of the tuneful gathering. The celebration starts at noon on Thursday, December 17th.

We should also mention that this is the final Grand Performances in California Plaza for 2009. It's a fine series often associated with the summertime, and a free series, and an important part of our city's cultural calendar. If you haven't gone, do go.

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