Celebrating Oscar Bleacher Ticket Day

The Academy's seat drawing opens on Sept. 13

cesar gozar

How are you marking Oscar Bleacher Opening Day for Getting Your Ticket Day?

Well, it falls on a Monday, and many of us have work, so hanging up decorations might be out of the question. And, admittedly, the holiday's name is a bit unwieldy, but you can call it what you like, as long as you get the details correct: Sept. 13 is the first day in which you may enter the drawing to get a bleacher seat for the 83rd Academy Awards. Things start up at 9 a.m. local time.

Those awards happen on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. Or 167 days from today, if you're keeping track at home.

We say that half in jest, because the Academy Awards have their fans, and then their really big fans, the people who do clamor for a seat along the red carpet, the better to see the stars sweep in and talk about just being nominated being the honor.

The drawing closes on Sunday, Sept. 19 at midnight Eastern (that's 9 p.m. Hollywood time).

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