Celebrating (?) Stupid Guy Thing Day

How much of a holiday it really is is up for argument of course -- we haven't seen any decorations or cards in the seasonal aisle of CVS -- but still, a spin around onlinedom tells us that more than one person seems to know that Stupid Guy Thing Day lands in late June, year after year.

Unlike National Red Licorice Week or Christmas, which seem pretty clear in their intent to us, we have questions about Stupid Guy Thing Day, which is being honored (?) on June 22nd in 2009.

First off: should this particular day, with its unmistakably clear name, come on the heels of Father's Day? We vote no. Move Stupid Guy Thing waaay far from that day. Maybe October.

Second: How does one celebrate this day, exactly? And is "celebrate" the right word? Does pointing out the foibles of the men in our life only encourage those habits? The leaving of random beer caps around the kitchen? The shoelace-y nest of sneakers by the back door?

We're just looking for clarification is all. Some guidance on this one. We all -- every single last one of us -- do stupid things, but when a holiday comes around to spotlight 'em, do we celebrate them or look to improve and change? And what's the etiquette rule on what foods to serve and music to play?

Holiday Council, help.

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