Celebrating Sustainable in Santa Barbara

FARM FRESH: We certainly can't call "sustainable" a current buzzword. It's been truckin' for some years now, and thank goodness for that. What's behind its longevity? Multiple things, we're sure, but an increasing awareness of where our food hails from and how it is grown or raised and the impact it has both on humans and the planet those humans occupy are all in the mix. SOL Food Festival, which helps kick off Santa Barbara's month-long epicure.sb celebration, is up in those issues. It's also up in food, too, lest you think the festival is solely about conversation. Au contraire. If eating, and discussing what you're eating, is something you love to do, best get to Plaza de Vera Cruz on Saturday, Oct. 1.

ON THE SLATE: A beer and wine garden. A cooking stage. And "the Garden of Eatin'." Please direct us there. And what's this? A salad-eating contest? We love. After all the hot dogs and cupcakes and fried donuts. Although we'd chew the cherry tomatoes and larger lettuce bits before gulping 'em down whole. Just some free, unsolicited advice. The whole affair sounds savory and smart, two things we can all support.

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