Cheese on Wheels!

A mobile grilled cheese truck will soon be oozing through the streets of LA

Finally, amidst LA's sea of groovy gourmet food trucks emerges a menu that gets to the core of what we love to eat most: toasty bread and gooey cheese.

In about four weeks, a mobile purveyor of such decadent deliciousness will be rolling through a neighborhood near you, reports LAist. Combos will include:

"Grilled Macaroni n cheese w/smoked pork and caramelized onions," "grilled heirloom tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil," "grilled brie w/ prosciutto to smoked cheddar, crispy tater tots & a bacon crust," and "hawaiian bread w/ roasted banana spread/ neutella to goat cheese, vanilla poached peaches w/ almondsonpound cake," (yeah, it's sloppy Twitspeak, but you get the idea). For those who've yet to determine that food trucks have jumped the shark, looks like the Grilled Cheese Truck-ers will have their hands full feeding the late-night drunkards, foodies, and lunch crowds.

 Comfort food on wheels? Our money’s on this being a hit. And on the grilled brie with prosciutto, too.

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