Chilly Strolls: Winter Trails Day

Layer up and head out, explorers.

CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH: Read any book that boasts a wintry outdoorsy scene and you'll see a word repeated over and over, signifying what the characters of the book are hearing as they tromp through the icy landscape. Without fail, characters "crunch, crunch, crunch" their way through the woods; in fact, "crunch" is a sound synonymous with snow, and a very good one, too. Boots do seem to gnaw crunchily into packed ice as one wends along under pine trees and sky. "Crunch," in fact, could be the official sound for Winter Trails Day, the official, all-around-the-nation event "where people new to snow sports can try snowshoeing and/or cross-country skiing at a number of participating resorts and mountain destinations." And even if we don't get too much "crunch, crunch, crunch" in, depending on the level of snowpack where we are, call it a gorgeous day to enjoy the brisk, January air, puffy-clouded sky, and some instruction and demos on the art of winter fun-having. So, who's observing Winter Trails Day around California? 

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF EVENTS... happening at points throughout the Golden State on Saturday, Jan. 10, which just happens to be the official observance of Winter Trails Day. SoCalers who want to join in should head for Big Bear, and the Big Bear Discovery Center, where "The Southern California Mountains Foundation will host the 4th Winter Trails Day event." The activities are free -- hooray -- and snowman building, hot cocoa sipping, and other chilly happenings are on the roster. Could this be the year you finally slip on a snowshoe for the first time? It could be a lifelong love.

ALSO AT THE BIG BEAR DISCOVERY CENTER... on Saturday, Jan. 10? A Bald Eagle Celebration Day. If learning how to cross-country ski and magnificent birds are your two keen interests, you're in luck. For all the day's doings, schuss this way, winter lover.

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