Christmas in September

Andy Jones

Maybe, like us, you look at a magazine's holiday spread, and think, well, that is gorgeous. But when did they snap those photos of people in stocking caps? June?

Probably. And fall is the height of the yuletide season for concert producers and magazine editors and television writers and people who are busily putting together seasonally flavored entertainment. PBS is doing just that at the moment, with an upcoming Christmas concert featuring famous tenor Andrea Bocelli and super-producer/musician/entertainer David Foster.

The fa-la-la-ing show is filming in Hollywood, and it will air on PBS come the close of the year. But, if you're a Bocelli buff, a Foster fan, if you love a splashy holiday concert and you just can't wait for December, make for the Kodak Theatre on Tuesday, September 15th for the taping.

We can't find word on dress code, but think holiday stylish, think soaring arias, think something with a bit of dazzle. Dazzle to match the ticket prices. They're $250 each. But if you follow Signore Bocelli, or know someone who does, this could be a true treat. Especially considering you'll be able to enjoy it again at home in December. 

And let's have one more round of applause for Mr. Foster, the artist behind the "St. Elmo's Fire" soundtrack. Do soundtracks get more swelling, more horn-filled, more Georgetown-y, more full of Rob Lowe in bad-boy jeans? They do not. We like it so very much.

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