Christmas Is for Cupid

Royal/T has not one but two holiday bashes just ahead.


Christmas is certainly a time for classics, if there was ever a time for classics, and that goes for what things are named. We want our cocoa to be called cocoa, and not, say, simmering sweet water. Well. Maybe that isn't too bad. Maybe we'll try and make that catch on.

But when holiday parties change it up, and aren't merely called "Generic Holiday Party," we do take happy note. (Although we may have to name an event "Generic Holiday Party" down the road, just for kicks.) And there are two of those bashes headed for Royal/T in Culver City, over two consecutive nights, each different and each boasting various elements.

On Tuesday, Dec. 21 "Hot Mess Holiday" will include a Gyaru fashion show, Dig Jelly rocking on the stage, and various sartorial celebrations that summon the look and style of Shibuya. You can buy eats from Royal/T. Must dress up for this one. We'd probably be inspired by the name and go a bit hot-messy, but everyone interprets that highly evocative phrase differently.

On Wednesday, Dec. 22 Royal/T is the setting for "Christmas is for Cupid." If you've been looking for some seasonal ping-pong action, you'll get it here. Also, raffles. Also, a prize for "sexiest holiday costume" Also, tacos for sale.

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