Dinosaurs Make Great Movie Stars

Martinez, Natalie

Dinosaurs have been roaming the movie screens ever since film has lived. And the Cine-Saurus exhibit at the Fullerton Museum shows how Hollywood was actually intent on depicting dinosaurs properly.

“The people involved in making dinosaurs movies wanted to do them as accurately as possible, so they followed the artwork by Charles Knight, who translated the science into artwork,” said curator Stephen Czerkas.

Czerkas spent the first half of his career in stop action motion picture work and the second part as a paleontologist, so he has the perfect background to curate a show about both. He has a love of the industry and the history.

“For most people, what they think of as dinosaurs comes from the motion pictures,” Zirca said. And Hollywood is interested each time a new scientific discovery about dinosaurs is found.

The exhibit follows dinosaur transformation over the years through artistic portrayal and advances in scientific information and technology. It boasts movie memorabilia, posters and models from Czerkas world-famous collection.

The exhibit is open until April 4, 2010.

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