Cinema to Chatter the Teeth By


Where's a filmmaker who favors maniacs jumping out of closets, foamy-mouthed monsters and the rampaging undead go to really get her work noticed? Screamfest is the obvious first stop. Founded in 2001 as a way to give new directors with a darker vision (as well as others behind the camera) a spotlight, this ten-day festival has attracted the likes of Wes Craven, Stan Winston, Michael Dougherty of "Trick or Treat" and other patriarchs and matriarchs of the make-'em-squirm genre.

Major screenings are on the bill of the 2009 Grauman-based festival, including "The Human Centipede" and "Cabin Fever 2" and "Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl" (we so want to catch that one). But there are many creepy/wonderful choices. Can you clear October 16th-25th on your calendar? Tell the boss you need time off to see "Mutant Swinger from Mars" and then wink knowingly.

We hope you have a cool boss. Before you try that. Just. Think it over first.

Gore and ghouls aside, we're just giving a cheer -- or bloodcurdling scream? -- that films which aren't normally accepted at the traditional festivals get their chance to shine for a few days. Though we suppose "shine" is the wrong word. Lurk? Menace? Cackle maniacally?

Screamfest LA is in Hollywood October 16th-25th

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