City Memo to Mayor: Please Go Home

South El Monte City Council Sets Curfew for Mayor

So much for running government like a business.

Not many corporate boards are likely to compel their CEOs to spend less time in the office, but at least one Southern California city has voted to do just that. The mayor of South El Monte has actually been given a curfew.

It seems the members of the South El Monte City Council were less than thrilled about Mayor Blanca Figueroa's tendency to work into wee hours of the morning at City Hall. With her days consumed by meetings, the mayor had been using the time to respond to letters and emails from constituents. But no more. The council voted 4-1 this week to banish the mayor from City Hall every day from 11 p.m. until the following morning.

Those who supported the lights-out-by-11 rule reportedly cited that tired old "safety and liability" excuse, but we're not so sure they weren't just plain irritated at how bad she was making everyone else look.

Rebecca Kimitch over at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that Councilman Hector Delgado reasoned that the mayor can perform any unfinished city business from her home each night with a laptop and mobile phone -- both of which have been provided her by the city.

Thank goodness someone finally dealt with that situation. Left unchecked, diligence like that was liable to become some wacky new political trend.

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