Classy Props for a Classy Place

SAN DIEGO CINEMA: For some, the Monday after the Oscars is, if not the end, then a pause in the most movie-ish stretch of the year. For others, the post-awards Monday provides a chance to turn their sights to other cinematic treats, films that haven't been in the news, constantly, over the last few months. We like this second plan, and we like that the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau is looking back at some locally made movies with this quick and hit-filled round-up.

ON THE LIST: "Almost Famous," which indeed feels salt-air, Ocean-Beach breezy in certain early scenes. And "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." Of course. If only every metropolis had its own fictional Mr. Burgundy to uphold and revere; San Diego is nicely sweet on its homegrown, not-real newsy goof. It's a solid list, but we'll also add "Some Like It Hot" to it. We know, we know: Coronado Island was teeeechnically the famous, Marilyn-y setting. But still. It's iconic and funny and sexy and so San Diego. Yes?

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