Clean Your Plate, Make Your Plane

Is there anything more emotionally satisfying than the idle eating one does while waiting for a flight? Zagat reports that LAX is now home to some new eateries with another on the way. We like that the airport understands that harried travelers like to sit down to a heaping plate of nachos or fried clams when the fog rolls in and the plane has to sit on the tarmac for an extra hour. Baja Fresh, On the Border and La Brea Bakery now have an LAX presence. 

And, coming in December to Terminal 3? Gladstone's. Probably won't have quite the views of the beachside location -- although we love to watch the airplanes while enjoying a galactic fizz or something-or-other at the bar at Encounter -- but you can get your seafood-fix in quick. Our little secret is we actually like to get to the airport extremely early, the better to browse the magazines and eat a decadent pizza. In our minds, our trip officially begins (and dietary concerns end) once we drop our luggage off at the curb. Surely others feel the same?

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