Clutter, Be Gone: LA Organizing Awards

If you alphabetize your spice rack with a special fervor, the Los Angeles Organizing Awards is for you. If reaching into the dark recesses of your cupboard for whatever you can grab without too much injury to yourself, the cupboard or the jar, the Los Angeles Organizing Awards is most definitely for you. The show, which honors those experts that know that when we live disorganized lives, time/happiness/money gets sucked away, should serve as a clarion call to sanity for like 89 percent of the population. Sorry, got those numbers reversed. Like 98 percent of the population.

Here's what we're liking about the awards, which take place on Friday, January 30 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard:

1. Host Hal Sparks. He's funny, he's affable, we predict he'll make some wise-crack-y, clutter-based quips. We liked him on "Queer as Folk" and we know we'll like him as an easy-breezy awards host.

2. The honorees were chosen by online voting, meaning a lot of people got to vote. Always a positive.

3. Both big companies and individuals are getting accolades, so the joy is evenly spread. And the categories are fantastic, highlighting both closet design *and* garage design (we had no idea you could break those two out into different categories). Plus there's a shout-out to green organizing. Nice and timely.

4. Blogs, television shows and books about organizing are also on the list of nominees. So even if you can't attend the awards, you yourself can check out, just by logging on or hitting the bookstore, the good stuff that's getting the love.

5. The mere thought of these awards inspires us to stop cramming random stuff into bins and back closets. If there are professionals getting honored for their put-it-together-neatly prowess, we can wash a dish or sew on a button now and then.

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