Coachella, Like How a Bird Sees It

Overhead maps and a friend finder, in your pocket.

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Coachella, that happy land of day-glo body paint and under-the-stars superstars and spider-leggy sculptures that provide shade.

But like all happy lands, there are hiccups. One: Losing a friend. Two: Looking for that friend for hours and missing the show you both wanted to see. Three: Bickering with said friend when you both find each other at the exact place you said you'd meet.

The 2010 Coachella iPhone application can help that all-too-common occurrence. There is are overhead maps, pointing to stages, there is a section beautifully titled "Where Is My Car?"

Poetry in simplicity.

Oh, and if you've ever looked and looked and looked for a signal out at the fest. The maps'll work sans "internet and phone connection." Although, we have to imagine, when one is walking around looking for a signal, they very often bump into, serendipitously, that lost friend.

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