Coachella: The Hotel Shows

A few desert inns'll be turning up the tunes for concert goers.

DESERT TUNEAGE: Hotels, the desert, and music have a long lineage. Look no further than Las Vegas where, a half-century ago, it was commonplace to go out to a big concert (let's say Elvis, for fun, because we know that's what you're thinking) and then return to one's hotel for the smaller, more intimate lounge show. Some of the hotels serving the Coachella Music & Arts Festival pay heed to that tradition, or maybe just the idea that if people hear a few good songs and enjoy social mixing, they'll want to continue that away from the main concert venue. (Not a controversial proposal, we know, but we're just putting it out there.) With that in mind, a few stay-over spots are keeping the fun going for guests.

THE SAGUARO: The brightly hued Joie de Vivre property -- we're not even joking on the brightly hued part -- it's like sherbet that never melts -- is hosting The Desert Weekender each weekend of Coachella. Various DJs and artists will visit the poolside happening from April 12 through 14 and again through April 19 through 20. The parties get going midday, so you could do some splashing while listening to songs under the strongest sun and still hit the Polo Grounds that night.

THE ACE HOTEL AND SWIM CLUB: The word "saturnalia" is never bandied about lightly, but the funky, macrame-friendly property breaks it out for its Coachella-time spectacular. A "surprising caravan of mystery DJs" is promised as is a whole cornucopia of art happenings. Desert Gold is the magical coming-together's moniker, and it lasts from April 11 through 21.

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