Coffee Chatting at the LA Shorts Festival

There's something so cozy about the coffee chat. It makes the challenging business of making films a little less intimidating. It's not quite as hard-edged as drinks. It's not as nighttime-y as a lecture. It's friendly. Very friendly.

"Friendly" is a good word to start with when thinking about the casting chat at the LA Shorts Festival. Casting directors Paul Weber, Cheryl Faye, and Sherry Sims are talking about what they do and how to find the right performers for the right roles. Because doesn't that make the difference regarding whether a film truly works or not? We're all of differing opinions here about what makes a movie truly shine, but we can all agree -- the right actor/the wrong role is truly square peg-ish/round hole-ish.

Or vice versa, of course. Even if you're *not* an actor, there are still several days left in the Shorts Festival. The Monday, July 27th coffee chat is at the Laemmle Sunset 5, which is the venue for the whole fest. The festival wraps on July 31st.

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