Cognoscenti Coffee Shifts to Proof Bakery in Atwater

Pop-up barista Yeekai Lim built a following with Cognoscenti Coffee at Urban Eats in Burbank and the Blue Dot frozen yogurt shop in Eagle Rock. Now he’s found a permanent home at Proof Bakery, which could soft open as early as Tuesday in the former Atwater Village home of Toni’s Rolling Pin Bakery.

Lim initially employed a multi-roaster attack, but “Four Barrel frowned upon that,” and since he favors their espresso blend, he coalesced. Why Four Barrel? “They’re doing direct trade, and the other big factor is the flavor. [The espresso] has a really good balance of dark chocolate with stone fruit. They’re consistent. The other interest is to just get more options for coffee in Los Angeles.”

At Proof, Lim will use two espresso machines, the La Marzocco GS3 that he started with, plus a one-group Synesso that he purchased from Heart Roasters in Portland. He’ll also brew pourover coffee, and there’s a chance that the bakery will make drip coffee to accommodate older customers that frequented the previous tenant.

Na Young Ma owns Proof, and her culinary lieutenant is Crystal White, who will manage the bakery. They’re both bakers who attended CIA at Greystone, and they found Lim online. Ma and White may prepare coffee as well, and depending on volume, Lim can see himself hiring another employee.

November 12 is Lim’s last day at the yogurt shop, and he’s taking his bar with him, but Blue Dot owner Mike Lee will continue to prepare pourover coffee using beans from Coava in Portland. [The Feast]

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