Color Me Purple


SOUGHT-AFTER STONES: We love having an inside source. Because we want to know what's hot. First. Or as close to first as possible. Enter insider Jason Campbell, a Hollywood stylist who dresses the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington and Wendy Murdock (clearly Jason has a corner on the "mogul" set -- check out his blog). Jason's telling us to watch for boat loads of amethyst come Oscar night. Apparently the purple-y stone is a coveted rock of choice this year -- and the bigger the better. Amethyst, along with citrine, coral and a variety of semi-precious stones and colored diamonds, are leading the current jewelry trend, leaving the taste for clear diamonds in their wake. "Ever since Angelina Jolie made that arresting statement in a pair of emerald earrings from Lorraine Shwartz, women really started to see the power in potently colored stones framing the face," said Campbell. PUT A RING ON IT: Covet your own amethyst jewel, like this ring from Tiffany, $1500.

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