Kooky Craft Brew: Super Hero Beer Fest

Shiny tights? Yep. Foamy suds? Yep.

SUPERHEROES AND SUDS: If you've been to Comic-Con, or anywhere within a ten-mile radius of San Diego's mega pop culture everything-a-ganza, then you know that attracting a little attention is the goal of many but gaining that attention is the achievement of few. Oh, we're not saying Comic-Con as a whole is major -- it can make other major things look positively minor -- but smaller satellite events can be plentiful, so plentiful that standing out is a July-long job. Heroes Brew Fest, which isn't affiliated with Comic-Con though it happens during the mondo event, doesn't have an issue in the standing-out department, though, because it neatly does two things. A? It invites attendees to wear their favorite tights, boots, shiny capes, and other superhero gear and B? It serves quality beer.

YEP... there's not much more needed to gild this particular lily, because there aren't a lot of other craft beer festivals where the majority of people show up in glittery eye masks or with giant letters emblazoned on their chests. Hmm, tapping our chin... nope. This might just be the only one, and, if indeed it is not, it is one of the big entries. That's due to its Comic-Con adjacent location in Embarcadero Park North, it's perfectly summery date -- Saturday, July 26 in 2014 -- and that it raises funds for the Warrior Foundation -- Freedom Station.

BUT BEST GET THOSE TICKETS... because it turns out people really like wearing long capes and sipping lagers. There's also a costume contest -- Group Costume and Superhero Look-A-Like are two of the categories -- and other convivialities. Just know that people bring it, fully, so don't throw on some tights and call it a day. You've always considered yourself something of a superhero on the inside? You can be one on the outside, for a day, and enjoy some complex craft beers, too, while rocking those vinyl platform fly boots.

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