Comic-Con Superhero Beer Festival

Capes on for craft beer goodness.

BENEFITS OF CAPE-WEARING: We know. We know we know we totally know. Capes can be a liability. No one made a stronger case than Edna Mode in "The Incredibles" when she detailed ever cape-related mishap to have happened to the major superheroes of her day (we won't relate them here, but let's just say long pieces of fabric have a knack for getting caught in spinning fans and such). But the benefits of a cape are plentiful -- sorry, Ms. Mode, don't tsk us -- and one only need head to the Heroes Brew Craft Beer Festival at Embarcadero Park North in San Diego to see why.

CAPES WORK... at a beer festival because you have an instant napkin should your foam flow over. And you can use a cape to dab at your lip if things get to sudsy in the facial area. But, beyond that, Heroes Brew should come off without a hitch (that is, if the super villains don't catch wind of this gathering). Several local and regional breweries will show at the Saturday, July 20 costume to-do, including Mission Brewery, Hillcrest Brewing Company, and Rockbottom Brewery. Time? Early enough so you can get back to fighting crime and protecting the city by night (so, 1 to 5 p.m.). Cost? A general admission is $40.

OH... and the date? Saturday, July 20. Why yes, that is smack dab in the middle of Comic-Con International, meaning the sight of several decked-out, shiny-spandex'd superheroes sipping quality beer should neither shock nor surprise. And you will want to show in a superhero costume, since there shall be a contest with prizes. We know,  we know, we know, a superhero's only prize is the gratitude of his or her public, but it is nice to win stuff now and then.

AND ONE MORE THING... if someone just happens to show in a fantastic superhero costume, and *doesn't* know it is Comic-Con weekend, well. That will be amazing. We want that person to win something, anything, should that really happen. Here's hoping.

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