Coming Attractions, Stage-Style: Segerstrom Sneak Preview

Eager for the coming season at the Costa Mesa culture-cool favorite?

Joan Marcus

IF ONLY... everything in life could feature a "coming attractions" element in the way that a film does when it is screened in a multiplex. Picture yourself at a football game, say. Before kick-off a few different teams, teams scheduled to play your guys later in the season, would take to the field to provide sneak previews of showdowns to come. It could work in restaurants, too -- before your meal arrives you get four or five tastes from menus that have not yet been introduced -- and in other locations. Say, perhaps, like a theater. Nope, it probably wouldn't work to summon four or five casts each night for a quick scene before the main play, but what you could do is pick a single night, ahead of the approaching season, to celebrate what's ahead with some vignettes, appearances, and neat treats.

SEE AHEAD: The Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa is very much in the corner of coming attractions, and it has landed upon Monday, Aug. 18 as the perfect evening for taking a fond peep at the 2014-2015 season. Dig the theater? Gotta have some serious stage during your winter months? Then make for the Segerstrom on Aug. 18 for a look at...

"PIPPIN": The dance-tastic musical is tap-dancing for Costa Mesa, and it is part of the sneak preview. As is "Phantom of the Opera" and "Motown the Musical" and "Once" (true, the song-filled love story is part of this summer's run, but it will cameo during the night). "(S)pecial guest appearances, performances and video shout-outs" are part of the "fun-filled evening," too, says the Segerstrom. Oh yeah, we're feeling this whole theater-meets-coming-attractions thing. Nope, it probably won't ever catch on like it has at the cinema, but doing it all in one night, ahead of the season, has a way of getting the fans jazzed. Even jazzier? Tickets start at ten bucks.

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