Comme des Garcon for H&M, Sunset Boulevard Postmortem (and Better Pics!)

Got to the Sunset Boulevard H&M just at 8am, and a substantial, orderly line had formed around the corner of the store and well into the courtyard of The Sunset. Security guards told me that there were a few guys in line at 6:30am with blankets. People were chatty and in good spirits. Of the initial queue of 50 or so, half were guys. A wide variety of ages and ethnicities. Lots of people on the street asking, "What is this line for?"

Doors opened promptly at 9am. People filed in and made a bee line for the CDG merch in the middle of the store. Lots of action and the store was crowded. People were assertive, but not too aggressive. Lots of people saying "excuse me" and "I'm sorry." A massive line for the fitting room developed quickly that stretched to the store's entrance, followed by a long line for the register that extended across the middle of the store and against the front wall.

Polka dot blouses and navy and black trench coats were the first to go. Black and gray sweaters and pink, white and black oxfords also in high demand.

After the initial wave, salespeople worked quickly to re-stock. Average customer in line to purchase had 4-5 items. Many people with more. Some buying multiple polka dot tops. Lots of trench coats sold. Trenches being brought back out from the fitting rooms were quickly pounced on. That picture of the ladies on the sidewalk with all the bags? Pretty much every bag in that picture had that trench coat in it. Didn't see much spill over into the regular H&M stuff. People were all about the CDG.

There was a small, corner in the back of men's stuff.

Things had calmed down considerably by 9:40am or so, as people had already made their decisions and most were in line to buy. People were still trickling in at 10am, but many left after realizing that the selection had been picked over.

Quick and painless thanks to good preparation by H&M. Maybe the whole "deal" of going to Sunset kept many away?
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