Concept Cars at the 2011 LA Auto Show

Great plans start with a concept. These cars might be a glimpse into the future.

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The Cadillac Ciel concept: It's a stylish and powerful statement. The open-air grand-touring car's design was inspired by the California coast.
Jaguar C-X16 II concept: Now that's more like it from the car-maker that graced the world with the jaw-dropping beauty of the E Type.
Kia GT concept: A brave new car for Kia, the GT is considered a "four-door coupe."
Land Rover DC 100: The promotional renderings show the DC 100 tackling a rocky riverbed, suggesting the automaker might be getting back to its rugged roots.
Land Rover DC 100 Sport: The vehicle also comes sans roof.
Volvo Concept You: Sleek exterior, yes. But wait until you see the interior, which consists of an iPad-like center console that controls everything.
BMW i3: The makers of the Ultimate Performance Machine provide their take on a city car. The all-electric i3 is designed to car four people from Point A to Point B with a degree of performance BMW owners expect.
BMW i8: BMW's sports car of the future. It mates a petrol engine with electric drive at the rear.
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