Confection Correction

Right, because we need to know when it is Dill Pickle Day and Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese Eve. We need something to celebrate, every day, to battle off the doldrums of the daily this-and-that. Battle 'em off with a sharp fork.

And of all the seemingly random special days-in-honor-of (although we don't think they're random at all; we think there is probably a multinational corporation, with a big building, and a big conference table, deciding when we should celebrate National Pimento-and-Olive Sandwich Spread Day -- at least we hope), Cupcake Day seems like it is waaay up there. Because cupcakes. The sugar-sweet superstar of the 21st century. 

Some cupcakeries were saying that Tuesday, August 18th was National Cupcake Day. Deals were offered. Celebratory overtures made. Nice. But Cupcakes Take the Cake -- the blog we go to when we need the last word in those tiny towers of yum -- says it is December 15th. And posts a handy chart to prove it.

No one wants to argue. No one *is* arguing. No need to ask "Can't we all get along?" because if anyone can get along, it's cupcake fanatics. We're so sure of this that we'd eat a tub of frosting if we ever saw two cupcake people go at it.

Well, we'd eat a tub of frosting anyway. Just because. And we think we should call both August 18th and December 15th Cupcake Day. All in favor?

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