Consider the Lollipop

The candy blogs will soon be abuzz as they are every year at this time: July 20th is National Lollipop Day. There are two things we're warm to here. One, candy blogs. Running a candy blog sounds like the next best thing to owning a candy store. Right? Because you get to think about things like bubble gum and chocolate bars all day.

And two: National Lollipop Day. The lollipop: a stick, some sugary treaty stuff on top of it, a hand to hold it and a tongue to lick it. Only sleeping in and long hugs are easier tasks.

We all know we should never ever bite the lolly -- a wise old cartoon owl informed us once -- nor should we ever run with a lollipop in the mouth. Not even a slow jog.  In fact, sit down to enjoy your confection.  Sit down and relax, for once.

Everyone probably has their favorite. Our two: That square-ish See's butterscotch beauty. You live in California. You've had one, and we bet you enjoyed it. We like the shape, the creamy, the history behind it. We sit down to enjoy it.

And the other: Any giant, and we mean giant, old-time, swirly hued, plate-sized, and we mean charger plate-sized, not salad plate-sized, lollipop you buy at a country fair. You've got to wear braids when you eat that thing, and skip, but *not* when it is near your mouth. Skip to a bench and then enjoy it. Lickety lick lick...

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