Coolhaus for Cooler Temps

The roaming ice-creamerie is stirring in the warmer flavors.

Los Angeles kind of, sort of, experiences "ice cream weather" all year long. And yet, come the yuletide, and Novembertide, and all the other tiny -tides that happen around the end of the year, it is hard to turn to a springy fruity flavor.

Enter Coolhaus and the trucky corp's new round-up of autumnal eats. The hither-and-yon ice cream shop, which is known for its offbeat flavors any time of the year, has a new menu full of November-ready tastes. Like White Russian, Pumpkin Pie, Roasted Pear with Nutmeg, Persimmon, and Nutella & Toasted Almond.

Maybe these are exactly what you need to arrive with if your name is drawn to show with dessert this year, come Nov. 25? How often does one see persimmon up on an ice cream menu board? You'll be the talk of the table. If that's what you want.

Of course, news flash: ice cream is still cold. So when we say it is just right for cooler temps, we're talking taste, not temperature. Although the day someone invents hot ice cream, we bet this frosty-forward company will be dishing it out on some happening corner of our city.

As always, you can follow their creamy whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter.

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