Corn. So. Much. Corn.

milford time capsule

CORNY WEEKEND: We recently learned on "Jeopardy" that Iowa produces the bulk of our corn. Thank you, Iowa. And thank you, Alex Trebek. What we would like to know is where the most popcorn is consumed in the U.S. We're betting our own movie-making town is up there, given our many excellent movie theaters and their fancy popcorn salts. But Angelenos unhand the paper bucket, at least for a day, and make for La Habra, which is celebrating corn goodness that isn't necessarily hot and popped. There will be a eating contest, corn-on-the-cobbery, and non-corn food stuffs too, like funnel cake. What if science combined popcorn and funnel cake? The perfect food. DELISH DATES: The festival butters up from Friday, Aug. 6 through Sunday, Aug. 8.

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