Costa Mesa Comestible: The Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniels Churro

Churros, you're the next wacky frontier on the culinary landscape.

THE OBVIOUS WINNER: While cookies, donuts, and cupcakes have been deliciously duking it out for the ultimate dessert crown these last few years, the churro has been making its sweet stand. So much so that haute chefs and food trucks and county fairs have been blithely employing the sugar-coated pastry stick in all manner of dishes, treats that cover the rainbow of possibilities, from quirky to can-you-really-do-that-with-a-churro? But the Bacon-A-Fair might have trumped all churro-wielding competitors with its 2014 Orange County Fair offering: The Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniels. That's the name, no "churro" in the title, but it is definitely built around churros as a base (the accompanying photo will bear that out). As for the tempting description? The fair calls it "a unique churro concoction with a little whiskey kick at the end (non-alcoholic, of course)." Do we even need to say there is more stuff going down on this one plate of food than on five other plates of food, put together? We probably don't need to.

IF... bacon and churros and Jack Daniels hand-in-hand-in-hand aren't your thing, Bacon-A-Fair also has a deep-fried bacon-wrapped turkey leg, which feels like it might be an instant fair classic. (C'mon, the turkey leg is just about the most symbolic foodstuff of any fair, alongside roasted corn.) As for more deep-fried all-out kookiness? Chicken Charlie is trying out Deep-Fried Doritos and Deep-Fried Chicken Skin.

WHAT'S NEXT... for the churro? Churro cocktails? Churros stuffed inside other churros? Deep-Friend Doritos crumbled atop a churro? For this sweet treat the sky really might be the limit.

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