Costume Up at Halloweentown


It’s not one of those insta-stores that opens overnight in some strip mall on September 30th -- but heaven knows we like those, too, all the rubber eyeballs and fake bats. Rather Halloweentown haunts Burbank year-round, which says that some people need spooky paraphernalia in April, which cheers us no end.

And, like any store that’s around longer than the month of October, it consistently boasts quality merchandise, including high-end costumes, vintage greeting cards, Frida Kahlo-y clothing, and loads of necklaces with pictures of Edgar Allen Poe. We also like the low lighting, the huge selection of books about famous graveyards and the bone-chilling movies playing in the background.

So, we're looking at you, Miss Sexy Pirate. You’ve worn it for the last three years, and the eye patch is starting to look a bit tatty, as is the entire get-up. Toss that wench blouse at once and go peruse the well-stocked, unpicked-over selection at this Media City haunt. Just don’t go what we’re going as, which we haven’t figured out yet, but it will probably be awesome.

Halloweentown, 2921 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank

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