Cowboy Fest: Poetry, Songs, and Ten-Gallons

Saddle up and ride for Old Town Newhall.

Tom Cruze

A DAY'S RIDE: Very often, in cowboy films of old, the length of a ride wouldn't be described in distance but, rather, in time. A cowboy might stop in town to see how far the next ranch is, and he'd learn he'd be there "in a day" or "by sundown." Time, too, plays a role in the long-trottin' Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. It hasn't been a day's ride, though, since the famous gathering first broke out the lassos and spurs; it has been nearly a quarter century. And while no horseback ride was ever meant to last that long, at least on film, cowboys and cowgirls and fans of the campfire ballads and good grub and poetry and ten-gallon hats are more than happy that this particular ride is galloping onward, stronger than ever. The party is on at Old Town Newhall and the William S. Hart Park Event Area, so brush your pony, find his favorite saddle blanket, and get there by Sunday, April 24 for...

NIFTY TRICK ROPING... and history displays and games of extra-large horseshoes and several live music shows that boast a beautiful amount of banjo-pluck and terrific twang. History, lore, and the showing off of cowboy couture are all part of the family-sweet festival (so best polish your best boots, or, if you prefer 'em dusty and right-off-the-range, well, get 'em dusty). Need the wheres, hows, and whens? Trot over this way. Clicking right here won't take you a day's ride, we promise; probably just a second or two, pardner. 

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