Crystal Balls, First Fridays, Music, and Science

KCRW's First Fridays return to the Natural History Museum.

Little Dragon

The idea of turning a giant regal mammal hall in a grand natural history museum into something of a concert stage, once a month, is a good one. So good, in fact, that we wonder if, hundreds of years ago, some soothsayer didn't peer into a lake's reflection and see that such a wonder would be going down starting on Friday, Jan. 7 in the year 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Are big ideas easily predictable? Not predictable bad, but predictable good. That will be one of the themes of the First Fridays at the Natural History Museum over the coming weeks. In fact, the Natural History Museum, which is co-presenting the series with KCRW, is dubbing the 2011 parties the "Nostradamus Edition," meaning the future and what's to come will be under discussion.

When museum goers aren't rocking out to bands like Little Dragon, which is opening the series on Jan 7 , they'll be looking at the animal exhibits and talking theory talk. Also, KCRW DJs are in the mix, too, throughout the series. General admission is $9, the museum stays open through 10 p.m., and there will be an early-in-the-evening discussion on the science of creativity at the Jan. 7 night.

Another thing we can predict with certainty: There will be six First Fridays throughout the spring and ending in early June. Every first Friday of the month, so, easy to remember.

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