The October Culture Calendar: 31 Things to Do

Maxwell, Heart... Steve Martin? The remainder of the month offers an eclectic mix of music around town.

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OCTOBER 16: Maxwell, oh how we missed you. Emerging from several years out of the spotlight (following the success of "This Woman's Work" and other major hits), Maxwell takes the open air stage for a night of R&B. Maxwell at the Hollywood Bowl.
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OCTOBER 17: It's closing night of the much ballyhooed production of Medea at UCLA's Freud Playhouse, starring Annette Bening. Medea, UCLA Live
OCTOBER 18: The AIDS Walk is an annual fundraiser that's taken to the streets since 1985. The walk brings people of all *walks* of life together to commemorate lost loved ones and raise money to help end AIDS. AIDS Walk LA.
OCTOBER 19: Attention, brainiacs. Naomi R. Lomoreaux is a Professor of Economics, History and Law, and wants to help you, LA public, put today's key issues in a historical context. We say, let her. Naomi Lamoreaux, The Big Picture, Art Center.
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OCTOBER 20: Letterman bandleader/sidekick Paul Schaffer will be interviewed at the GRAMMY Museum in front of an audience of 200. Songs, stories and tales of working with Dave expected. Paul Schaffer at the GRAMMY Museum
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OCTOBER 21: This gallery exhibit ends on the 24th. If you enjoy Andy Warhol, stop in at the Greenfield Sacks Gallery to see their portraits exhibit over the next three days. Andy Warhol: Portraits From the 1980s, Greefield Wacks
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OCTOBER 22: Ever find yourself humming 90's indie ballad "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star? We do. Occasionally. And the soft-sexy voice behind the song is that of Hope Sandoval, who has emerged from her mysterious shadows to take the stage at The Mayan. Hope Sandoval at The Mayan.
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OCTOBER 23: Oh, Heart. Why is it so impossible, against our better judgment, to belt out songs like "Barracuda" and "How Do I Get You Alone" at the top of our lungs? Within earshot of others? Why? Heart, With Special Guests The Bangles, The Greek
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OCTOBER 24: Craig Robinson has had memorable roles in some of the funniest TV shows and movies of the past 5 years, from "The Office" to "Pineapple Express" to "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." And guess what, he also sings. Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious at the Mint.
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OCTOBER 25: LACMA opens an exhibit originally curated in 1975, bringing together nine photopgraphers -- from Robert Adams to Henry Wessel, Jr. -- along with other contemporary artitsts. New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape, LACMA
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OCTOBER 26: "Bayou Soul" singer (and son of famed Louisiana guitarist Ted) Marc Broussard brings is brand of funk-meets-blues-meets-rock-meets-pop to adoring LA fans. Marc Broussard at The Mint.
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OCTOBER 27: If your team is not represented in this match, you're obviously from somewhere else. Which is fine, of course. But tonight, its LA vs. LA, so pick one already. Lakers vs. Clippers at Staples Center.
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OCTOBER 28: Steve Martin: comedian, author, playwright... banjo player? Yup. Enjoy. Steve Martin Performing with the Steep Canyon Rangers: An Evening of Bluegrass & Banjo at Walt Disney Hall
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OCTOBER 29: In the late ’60s, R. Crumb’s psychedelic comics -- including the characters Fritz the Cat -- propelled him overnight to celebrity status in San Francisco’s burgeoning underground scene. Tonight, R. Crumb makes a rare on-stage appearance. R. Crumb at Royce Hall
OCTOBER 30: It's almost Halloween but some of you might prefer laughter to screaming. This screening of Michael J. Fox's cute 1985 werewolf flick would probably be a good choice for you. Part of a $10 triple feature with "Fade to Black" and "Once Bitten" Teen Wolf at The New Beverly Cinema.
OCTOBER 31: Wow. "Nosferatu" (think 1922 German Expressionism with bald creepy Vampire) on a big, BIG screen (think Walt Disney Hall) with live organ accompaniment (think extra creepy). Now that's a high class Halloween. Nosferatu, Walt Disney Hall
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 1: Woody Allen may be the quintessential New Yorker, but films like "Annie Hall" have withstood 30+ years of adoration for East and West Coast audiences alike. Tonight, a double-feature billing with Allen's "Whatever Works." New Beverly Cinema.
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 2: Holy folk-rock 70's flashback! Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina have regrouped and are on tour. "Danny's Song" and "Your Mama Don't Dance" are sure bets for the lineup, but will Loggins sneak in "Footloose"? We hope so. Greek Theatre.
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 3: With more than 40 musical acts, including The Gaslamp Killer, The Happy Hollows and The Woolly Bandits, the Eagle Rock Music Fest is fun, for all ages, and free. We're in. Eagle Rock Music Festival, Colorado Boulevard, 4-11pm.
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 4: Take the Full Moon Hike in Coldwater Canyon Park, starting at TreePeople on Mulholland. Droves of hikers of all ages participate, making it a perfect place to socialize *and* find tranquility, all at once. Full Moon Hike, TreePeople, Coldwater Canyon Park
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 5: Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is playing his second night at Downtown's Orpheum Theater (great performer, and one of LA's finest settings). The show is sold out, but you can still find seats through resellers, or even Craigs List. Thank you, Internet. Thom Yorke, Orpheum Theatre.
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 6: If ever you were inclined to attend a book reading based solely on the title of the book, we'd recommend stopping by this one. We're sure you'll relate, on some level. "Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation," Book Soup.
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 7: LA Weekly describes Ralph Harris, as "a clever writer, and a very funny man" and the show as "not merely standup comedy but fine, richly detailed acting through which he conjures his African-American family." This is closing night. MANish Boy, Stella Adler Theatre
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 8: LA's cultural community is completelly beside itself about the new Music Director for the LA Phil. Granted, Gustavo Dudamel is talented, handsome, and ridiculously young for his post, so the hype is warranted. Gustavo Dudamel: The Inaugural Concert, LA Philharmonic
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 9: Seminal LA punk rockers John Doe and Exene Cervenka, from the band X, have loyal fans in every corner of this city. For 25 years they've made beautiful harmonies together -- especially when rocking hard on tracks like "White Girl" and "Los Angeles." John Doe and Exene at the Echoplex
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 10: If you follow Jonathan Gold's column in the LA Weekly, you probably love good food and a good cocktail. Well, Gold is hosting a cocktail party at Union Square, complete with cocktails and good food to raise funds for Zócalo Public Square. Jonathan Gold's Union Station Cocktail Party
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 11: Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. If the notion of being surrounded by chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries and culinary artisans for a meager fee gets you excited, mark the date. Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, Pasadena Center
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 12: Nothing cures a case of the Monday blues like a trip under the sea. The 3D IMAX film "Under the Sea" is being shown at California Science Center. Say it with us now: Threeeee Deeeeee. You can catch one of three showings: 10:30 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 5 p.m. Any showtime works -- there's never a bad time to catch this film.
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 13: It's Tokyo Gore Night at the Silent Movie Theater! Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, need we say more? Tokyo Gore Night, Silent Movie Theater
WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 14: Moby was the superstar of the 1990s Electronica scene; a musician who, with hit after hit, earned a permanent place on most critics' "love 'em" lists. Moby's mix of ambient, upbeat and melancholic tracks has made him an enduring favorite. Moby at the Wiltern.
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WHAT YOU MISSED - OCTOBER 15: When Aimee Mann does a show, it's generally one part brooding ballad fest, one part stand-up comedy. The LA-based singer/songwriter (and one-time frontwoman for 'Til Tuesday) is most at home on the live stage. Aimee Mann at the Wiltern.
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