Curbed Inside: The Roosevelt Lofts, Part 1

Somehow through a friend of a friend we got an invite to last night's exclusive showing of the still under construction Roosevelt Lofts at 7th and Flower, Downtown. The 222-unit adaptive reuse project is opening in phases, with move-ins supposedly starting near the end of November. We shall see. The interiors were fairly standard apartment/loft design. The units we saw featured unfinished ceilings, faux wood flooring (one lady yelled at us when we asked if it was real wood, "Of course it's not real wood!"), and some sort of marble composite material (not real marble) in the kitchens. Four of the buildings units were open for viewing and many of the people traipsing through were real estate agents and for whatever reason, French people. Lots and lots of French people. No explanation why - we even asked a French woman, and she said she had no idea there were other French people there.

The units shown were attractive - square footages were slightly below or above 1,000 square feet, and they felt roomy enough. One of the floor plans was really squirrely, with a winding hallway leading to and from one unit's bathroom. Another unit had its kitchen sited on a diagonal which created a bit of a fun house effect. The rooftop deck was nice, although one of our loft-tour companions noted the loud HVAC rooftop equipment from an adjacent building across the street that provided a constant buzzing sound. Still the three-foot deep pool looked especially refreshing.

In Part 2, we'll give you what you really want - floor plans and prices.For more stories from Curbed LA, go to

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