Curbed Poll: MagLev or High Speed Rail

This month's Metroplis Magazine takes an interesting (not quite fascinating) look into the fantasies of transit nerds in California. Voters will have the option this fall to vote on Prop 1A, which will provide $9.95 billion in bonds to fund the first phase of a statewide high speed rail system connecting Los Angeles (Anaheim) with San Francisco. Competing with the high speed rail system are any number of maglev proposals that would connect Anaheim to Las Vegas in one scenario, Anaheim to Union Station in another, and LAX to the regions airports in yet another scenario. Both high speed rail and the maglev will likely be competing for the helping hand of the Federal Government at some point, so we ask you, which will serve us better? Which one deserves our tax dollars? Should both systems be built, or just one? It's a Curbed Poll!

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