CurbedWire: Market Lofts Parking Lot, Prop 8 Traffic, El Dorado Before and After

DOWNTOWN: A gloomy-looking shot of the under-construction parking lot for Market Lofts on Flower and Olympic streets. According to the sales rep, the seven story (six up, one down) parking structure will be done in October 2009. A parking lot takes a year to build? [Curbed Staff]

: Traffic alert: A reader forwards news of two Prop 8 protests/rallies this weekend. The first is at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake at 6:00 pm on Saturday, while there is also a march starting at downtown's St. John’s Episcopal Church at Adams and Figueroa streets at 10:30 am on Sunday. [Curbed InBox]

: A second visit today to the under renovation El Dorado on Spring Street revealed the scaffolding is pretty much all gone. A before and after of the building is after the jump.


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