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TWO-WHEELED FUN: CycleMAYnia takes place in May, so that's easy to remember. It has to do with cycling, so that's also easy to remember. The only thing not implicit in the month-long to-do's catchy handle is its location, which is Santa Barbara. But, really, that's easy to remember, too, since the city tends to give full months over to interesting and environmentally friendly focuses (April is Ecotopia month). Now that you've got the what, where, and when down, bike buff, all you need to know is what's on the CycleMAYnia calendar. There are rides, yes, but lots more, like Bike Prom and Bike Fashion.

AND A SWAP MEET: The swap meet actually kicks things off on Sunday, May 1 -- it's at Santa Barbara High -- but if you stick around, or return to the area later in the month, you could be a part of Bici Bonita, a bike fashion show, which is strutting on May 5, and a May 5 ride that has a "Bike Prom" vibe. Has your bike ever gone to prom? Better shop for that handlebar corsage, and quick. Here's the full calendar of bikely goings-on.

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