D23 Expo On-Sale Date Revealed

Are you a Disney fan? Buy those tickets in advance. Way in advance.

FUTURE PLANNING: What's the furthest in advance you've ever bought a ticket? Oh, not a plane ticket or a cruise, but to a convention or weekend-long event? Probably a few months, or even half a year, we imagine, is the longest you've ever bought ahead. But if you're a Disney fan, and you know all about the mondo D23 Expo (we expect you very much know about it, being a Disney devotee), you can probably guess that tickets for the everything-Disney convention, which is set to roll Aug. 9-11, 2013, will be available majorly in advance, and you'd be correct. So, have a guess as to how majorly? Try a year in advance. Yep, tickets to the 2013 celebration go on sale a year to the day before the expo opens. Translation? You can nab your admission starting on Thursday, Aug. 9.

THE LARGEST: It's called "the largest Disney fan event in the world" and that isn't an exaggeration; Johnny Depp has shown up in the past, and other stars, not to mention some sort of display or game or panel that represents every facet of the Disney universe (theme parks, hotels, games, books, home decorating, fashion, collecting, films, television). And while the fans'll have to wait to get details, there is word that the Disney Legends Awards will be handed out at the 2013 expo to those people who have "made indelible contributions to the Disney legacy." For more on tickets and what's to come -- like the 50th anniversary of "Mary Poppins" -- keep a Goofy eye on the D23 page.

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