D23 Expo Reveals Dates

It's over a year away, but bet Disney fans are already planning.

EVERYTHING DISNEY: There's no (magical) stone left unturned at the D23 Expo. It's the convention for all things Disney and Disney-related, and we do indeed mean all things. If you think you'll arrive at the Anaheim Convention Center and Goofy will greet you and you'll take a snapshot or two and head home, prepare for a much wider, more in-depth experience. If Disney makes it -- and that includes games, paint colors, toys, art, resorts, movies -- it has a presence in the convention hall. Which means that Mickey mavens from all over the world journey to Anaheim for the three-day party. Now, note that we didn't type "annual three-day party" there. That's because D23 Expo takes place every other year; put the reason down to it being so big that it needs an extra year to prepare. But fans have something to look forward to, even if it is a tad far-off. D23 just announced its 2013 dates: Aug. 9-11.

BI-ANNUAL BIG NAMES: Since it is still a year and a half off -- or just under -- nothing major has been announced. Just the dates, although those are important, of course. But, as a tantalizer, look back at what went down at the 2011 part: Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Dick Van Dyke all made appearances. And Johnny Depp has said howdy (or perhaps "arrrr" is more fitting) before. The 2013 bash'll be big and starry and full of classic Disney favorites. We personally love the on-site room with all the Disney paint colors. Who wouldn't want to cover their house in a hue called Tigger's Tummy or Smackeral of Hunny?

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