Dale Radio Live!

The cheeky podcaster swings by Westwood for a witty recording sesh.

Dale Radio Live!

Many an aspiring chitchatter has reached for podcasting glory in the last few years. The locations they hail from are as plentiful as stars on a map; the topics they cover could fill a phone book. (We wouldn't be surprised if there's actually a podcast devoted strictly to phone books, in fact.)

But few podcasters win that prized cult following, and fewer still can attract the offbeat and interesting guests that inspire a prized cult following. Dale Seever -- aka James Bewley -- is that cult-following-inspiring podcaster. His lively shows can cover subjects like "holiday nog" and "quality '70s menswear" and "time travel" and "fame" and "burritos," just to cherry-pick from his site. In short? Whatever the gamut is, Dale Seever laughs at it and runs, with mirth, past its borders.

Now he's bringing his Dale Radio Live! show to the Hammer Museum on Thursday, Jan. 19. There will be guests, including Mary Lou Metzger of "Lawrence Welk" fame. And "onstage mixology." And tunes from the UCLA Jazz Ensemble. Gamut? Prepare to tested, and then broken.

It's a free show, so people who like free shows, podcasts, sassy banter, and facial hair will surely be in attendance. Mr. Seever is quite the hirsute gentleman, a plus in our books.

Time is 7 p.m. Park beneath the Hammer for three bucks after 6 p.m.

Inspired, podcasters? Want, someday, to put on your own show at a big museum? Beards, onstage mixology, and burrito talk are all obviously key. But so is having a really solid show.

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