Daleks and Doctors

The North American Doctor Who Celebration lands in LA.

We would never be so unwise as to pit fandom against fandom. How people can ever breathe "Star Trek" in one breath and "Star Wars" in another, and then proceed to compare and contrast the people who love either property, is frankly beyond us.

Dangerous territory, is what we're saying.

But let us pause here to give a 21 sonic screwdriver salute to those serious fans who follow a certain TARDIS-driving, time-jumping doctor. "Doctor Who" has been on British and American and everywhere television for just about a half century -- sorry, "The Simpsons," you're now in the multi-decade league but you're not quite there yet -- and the fans have really been supportive the entire time.

If you'd like to see some of those devoted doctorites in action, you can catch them from Friday, Feb. 17 through Sunday, Feb. 19 when the North American Doctor Who Celebration alights at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport.

Gallifrey 2012 is, in fact, one of the planet's -- and, let's just go there, space's -- largest "Doctor Who" gatherings. Meaning all sorts of stars will be in the house, or, er, hotel, including Paul McGann, who played the Eighth Doctor. But also be on the watch for writers and directors and scholars and tons more people from the who's Who pantheon to be paneling it up and posing for countless fan photographs.

Now, back to those fans. They'll be out in full metallic Dalek gear and giant rubber Silence heads and, yep, they'll be sporting their fair share of bowties. If something has occurred or appeared on the series, bet a hardcore buff is making a costume or a cake out of it.

Love. No. LOVE.

So, have a ball and break it down, Whovians. The plots, the arcs, the semi-romantic moments where looks may have been shared or maybe not.

Us? If we could just get River Song's signature curls right, we'd be there yesterday.

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