Dame Edna Lends Wisdom, Purple-Lock Loveliness to LA

So much has been said about Dame Edna. So many songs composed. So many sonnets written. We think, somewhere near the polar ice caps, a giant likeness, in emeralds, has been built.

And what of Barry Humphries, the man rumored to be behind the cat eye glasses? We'd ask the dame, but we have a feeling she might bristle at the mere mention of the name. She might even point at the nearest exit and demand our removal.

With that in mind, and without further ado, we're listing a few of the juiciest jewels we like about Dame Edna Everage, who will be in LA from June 9-21 at The Ahmanson:

1. That, at the top of her web site, is this proclamation: "Dame Edna Everage is probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today..." We concur. Maybe that statement isn't quite strong enough, even.

2. Her unparalleled modesty.

3. The hair. What's that hue called exactly? We'll call it "Dewy Hyacinth Under Full Moon on the Planet Pluto," or maybe grey-purple is more accurate. Either one.

4. Her chummy relationship with superstars. We'd even call it intimate. We'd even call it overly familiar. And the celebrities keep lining up.

5. Did we mention the hair?

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