Dancers Step Up to Win Justin Bieber Tickets

The student with the best original Bieber routine will win tickets to the pop star's 3-D biopic premiere

Telemundo San Antonio

Students at the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood are duking it out in dance for the ultimate prize: two tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber's much-anticipated biopic, "Never Say Never."

The student with the most creative and "Bieber-fied" one-minute dance routine will get to see Bieber in 3-D and in the flesh, according to the dance studio's news release.

"Never Say Never" premiered in New York on Wednesday night, causing many a headache for security personnel attempting, in vain, to subdue the hysterics of tween girls.

Anthony Carr, a Millennium Dance Complex instructor and Bieber back-up dancer, will judge the dance-off Thursday at 2 p.m. See here for more information.

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