Dancing on the Edge of the Pacific

The Santa Monica Pier summer classic opens.

Santa Monica Pier

Of the 568 summertime series in our city -- various events that focus on the watching of films, the dancing outside, flower arranging, cartwheeling competitions -- there are really only a couple that are particularly LA.

Okay. So there isn't a summer series devoted to cartwheeling. Yet. But you know that's coming. Soon.

The Twilight Dance Series at the Santa Monica Pier could not be more particularly LA if you painting "particularly LA" on a humungous hat and made the Pier wear it. It is, after all, an event that happens steps from the Pacific, our largest, wave-foamiest neighbor.

The move-it-to-music series opens on July 8 and runs every Thursday through September 2.

The concerts that get the people moving are free. The names are big -- Rickie Lee Jones, Mick Taylor, Ben Lee -- and the mood is salt-air sweet.

The first show features Congolese trance sounds from Konono No. 1. Everything starts up at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 8. What moves will you impress the Pacific with? That ocean has seen a lot. Better bring it.

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