Dear LA: More Huge Parades Soon Please

After the Hollywood Christmas Parade ran into budget issues a few years back, we thought that might be it for parades and Hollywood and the holidays. But the Hollywood's Santa Parade sprung back into action yesterday, and a cheery, starry (hello Fred Willard!) affair it was.

Was it the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? No, but what can be? Well, our very own Tournament of Roses Parade, which is over three decades older than the Macy's spectacular, is a flowery, festive event we should all be bragging about, as Angelenos, daily. (Sure, Gran, your town has a nice Fourth of July parade, but have you ever turned on TV on January 1?) And we've got other great marches, St. Patrick's, the camellia parade in Temple City, more Christmas-y offerings...

But watching Macy's on Thursday -- we adore anything Rockette-y, and the bundled-up kids, and the razzmatazz of the Broadway stars -- we got to thinking that maybe Los Angeles should get a few more truly huge parades going, so in a few decades time they're attracting thousands, helping local businesses and creating an association in people's minds (like New Year's Day=LA). It's always a slow build with a parade, but, as New York and Pasadena know, there's nothing like the cache of a tourist- and local-loving event on the international stage.

So, while Hollywood's Santa Parade grows, what's the next holiday LA should look at, and where should the parade be? We're thinking the route could be downtown, LA Live to Olvera Street. Valentine's Day perhaps? Couples getting married along the route? Or are we over-paraded as is? (We think over-parading a town is virtually impossible.)

What's next?

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