Debbie Allen Dance Academy Celebrates New Space

Like many people who would like nothing more than to don neon-bright leg warmers and shimmy on top of cars while singing about our dreams, we're looking forward to the return of "Fame" in September. That said, we're fans of the original flick, and of Debbie Allen, who was in the film, and then the TV series (as Ms. Grant, the teacher who encouraged the kids to reach, reach, reach for those limelight-bathed goals).

The actress/choreographer is also in the new incarnation of "Fame" -- IMDB tells us she's playing the principal -- and we're sure Ms. Allen will be encouraging the new generation of young performers, too. After all, that's what she does, and has done, so famously at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, which has been kicking it up in Culver City for many years.

But DADA is moving, and throwing a party to celebrate. The shindig isn't in some mere room with a door and some tables, however; look for full-on dance shows on the parking lot roof of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, which is the new location of the studio.

The first performance is on Thursday, June 25th at 7PM, but the party lasts through Saturday, June 27th; check times/dates.

And it is official: we will have the theme to "Fame" in our head for the rest of the day, and probably the rest of the month.

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