Deco Bash Raises the Stacks

Pajama up at Queen Mary's annual vintage affair.


Dear Deco treasures everywhere. You do a marvelous job at what you do. Really. You gleam and you twinkle and your wood is polished and your brass is brassy and the stories! The stories. Oh my word. You've got tales of flapper-esque honeys and guys in wide lapels drinking bubbly from wine buckets. Tales of airships and long cars and long cars pulling airships. The stories.

In short, we admire you bunches. But the Queen Mary, Long Beach's own Deco treasure, kind of has our heart in the Deco category. How Deco-tastic is the ocean liner? There's an annual festival celebrating the style. And the party returns from Friday, Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 4 (the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles will be out in full, tuxedo'd force, as they should be).

There will be romantic, cheek-to-cheek swaying. There will be dressing up to the nines. There will be talks on architecture and the ship itself. And on Friday night? Bon Voyage Pajama Party. You are requested to show in vintage night things. Does anyone have a pair of feathery mules? Those.

There are two good things happening here. One, time on the Queen Mary. Two, time spent with people who love it, and love its 1930s-swank era. Good twice over.

Check out the event prices and schedule, and get digging for those feathery mules. Boop boop bi do.

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