Deco Days on the Big Ship

Flappers and gents cavort on the Queen Mary.


It's been, what? Six or seven days since we referenced the film "Somewhere in Time"?

Must correct that now. More "Somewhere in Time" more often.

So you know how Christopher Reeve's character, wanting to travel back in time to meet Jane Seymour, stashes all items to do with the present? We often wish we could do that when visiting a historic place like the Queen Mary. No digital glowing wristwatch, no earbuds, just pin curls and seamed stockings. And the Art Deco Weekend, an annual Labor Day Weekend whoop-di-do on the ship, is about as close as we can get.

It's pretty close, all told.

The 2010 Art Deco Weekend is happening Sept. 3-5. There will be dress-ups. Oh, there will be dress-ups. There will be cocktails. And there will be Deco-based chitchat and learning. And a ball.

Our favorite is the pajama party. What was once a staple of swanky country house parties decades ago has sadly fallen to the floor like a pair of frayed, stretchy-elastic'd pj bottoms. Thank you, Art Deco Weekend, for reviving this grown-up playtime. We should add that the always active Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is playing a major role in the to-doings.

There are packages, there are schedules, there are tips. There are pin curls to place and seamed stockings to purchase ahead of time. Boop boop be etc.

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